Pan Localization Cambodia

workshop on Localization Technologies

workshop on Localization Technologies

On 18th of November 2004 at the council of minister of Cambodia

A workshop on “Localization Technologies” was held with the participation of IT specialists from government, NGO and universities. Presentations were delivered by project team members in various topics on Khmer Standardization, Unicode, OpenType fonts, Encoding conversion, Khmer Collation, and Khmer Lexical development.

PAN Localization Cambodia

Do you know?

  • What is Khmer Unicode?

    Khmer Unicode is unique number for each Khmer script recognized by unicode consortium
  • How many Khmer Consonants and Sub-consonants?

    35 consonants and 34 sub-consonants
  • How many Independent Vowels?

    15 independent vowels
  • How many Khmer Dependent Vowels?

    18 dependent vowels