Pan Localization Cambodia

in Developing Asia" in conjunction with "Localization of Mobile Platform"

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 01:56

Workshop on Khmer Unicode and Applications

On 23rd December 2005 at Sunway hotel

From 16th May to 16th June 2007, Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Friday, 22 September 2017 11:20

workshop on Localization Technologies

On 18th of November 2004 at the council of minister of Cambodia

PAN Localization Cambodia

Do you know?

  • What is Khmer Unicode?

    Khmer Unicode is unique number for each Khmer script recognized by unicode consortium
  • How many Khmer Consonants and Sub-consonants?

    35 consonants and 34 sub-consonants
  • How many Independent Vowels?

    15 independent vowels
  • How many Khmer Dependent Vowels?

    18 dependent vowels