Pan Localization Cambodia

Training on Open Source Software

Training on Open Source Software

From January 2nd to January 19th, 2007 , PAN Localization Cambodia

An expert from Nepal component was invited to train Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia and Pakistan team members on Open Source Software development. At the end of the training, the trainees were able to work on localization in OSS for their respective languages.

PAN Localization Cambodia

Do you know?

  • What is Khmer Unicode?

    Khmer Unicode is unique number for each Khmer script recognized by unicode consortium
  • How many Khmer Consonants and Sub-consonants?

    35 consonants and 34 sub-consonants
  • How many Independent Vowels?

    15 independent vowels
  • How many Khmer Dependent Vowels?

    18 dependent vowels