Pan Localization Cambodia

Training on Localization and Khmer Language Processing

Training on Localization and Khmer Language Processing

From 20th June 2004  till 27th December 2004, at PAN Localization Cambodia

The training was conducted by Mr. Atif Gulzar to train the Cambodian human resource in developing localization applications and to help them successfully meet the planned deliverables. The team received training on basic to advanced programming and basic to advance language processing techniques. The training broadly comprised of OpenType font development, Unicode language processing, lexicon development, project life cycle from design to execution and testing, advance programming in C++, and Visual Basic .NET.

PAN Localization Cambodia

Do you know?

  • What is Khmer Unicode?

    Khmer Unicode is unique number for each Khmer script recognized by unicode consortium
  • How many Khmer Consonants and Sub-consonants?

    35 consonants and 34 sub-consonants
  • How many Independent Vowels?

    15 independent vowels
  • How many Khmer Dependent Vowels?

    18 dependent vowels