Pan Localization Cambodia

Summer School on Asian Language Processing

Summer School on Asian Language Processing

1st June till 15th August, 2006, FAST-NU, Lahore, Pakistan

Two PLC development team members and one lecturer from Institute of Technology of Cambodia were sent to participate the summer school which was organized by the PAN Localization project in the purpose of advancing knowledge among team members on speech, script and language processing. Our team was introduced to various topics including phonetics and phonology, script processing, syntax and morphology, speech processing fundamental, and computational linguistic.

PAN Localization Cambodia

Do you know?

  • What is Khmer Unicode?

    Khmer Unicode is unique number for each Khmer script recognized by unicode consortium
  • How many Khmer Consonants and Sub-consonants?

    35 consonants and 34 sub-consonants
  • How many Independent Vowels?

    15 independent vowels
  • How many Khmer Dependent Vowels?

    18 dependent vowels