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Workshop on Khmer Language Processing and Web Page Development

Workshop on Khmer Language Processing and Web Page Development

From 16th May to 16th June 2007, Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Computer Science students from three universities in Cambodia including Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Norton University, and Build Bright University were invited to join the one-month workshop. They were introduced to both conceptual and technical knowledge that is needed to develop local language applications and web pages in Khmer language. The content includes Introduction to writing system, Unicode standard and Khmer Unicode, Font concept and development, Khmer Unicode applications, and some concept in Khmer webpage development with PHP, MySQL.

PAN Localization Cambodia


  • យូនីកូដជាអ្វី?

    យូនីកូដជាលេខពិសេសតែមួយគត់ សម្រាប់តួអក្សរនីមួយៗ
  • តើព្យញ្ចនៈនិងជើងព្យញ្ចនៈមានប៉ុន្មនតួ ?

    ព្យញ្ចនៈមាន ៣៥តួ និង ជើងព្យញ្ចនៈមាន ៣៤ តួ
  • តើស្រៈពេញតួមាន ប៉ុន្មានតួ?

     ១៥ តួ
  • តើស្រៈនិស្ស័យមានប៉ុន្មានតួ ?

    ស្រៈនិស្ស័យមាន ១៨តួ
  • តើលេខចន្ទគតិមានប៉ុន្មានតួ ?

    លេខចន្ទគតិមាន ៣២តួ
  • តើលេខអត្តៈមានប៉ុន្មានតួ?

    លេខចន្ទគតិមាន ៣២តួ
  • តើលេខមានប៉ុន្មានតួ?

    លេខមាន ១០តួ